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Shaolin Hand Lock (1978) [English Subtitles]

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Shaolin Hand Lock


Shaolin Hand Lock


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    • Action
    • Thriller

Shaolin Hand Lock



As an expert of the 'Cross fists' technique, a reclusive kung fu master Li Pai perfects a lethal maneuver called the 'Shaolin Handlock' while an old wolf-in-sheep's-clothing friend Fang Yun-piao pays the unwitting Li a visit. Armed with the deadly Handlock maneuver, Cheng-ying & Kun Shih joins forces to exact revenge on the evil Ling Hao after the truth is unraveled.


  • David Chiang Da-Wei
    David Chiang Da-Wei
    Li Cheng-ying
  • Lo Lieh
    Lo Lieh
    Ling Hao
  • Michael Chan
    Michael Chan
    Kun Shih (as Hui-Min Chen)
  • Chen Ping
    Chen Ping
    Li Meng-ping
  • Dick Wei
    Dick Wei
    Li Bai
  • Chan Shen
    Chan Shen
    Fang Yu Biao
  • Kara Hui
    Kara Hui
    Xiao Hong
  • Hsu Hsia
    Hsu Hsia
    Xia/Lin Hao's man
  • Brandy Yuen Jan-Yeung
    Brandy Yuen Jan-Yeung
    Lin Hao's man
  • Mama Hung
    Mama Hung
    Brothel mamasan
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