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  1. Attractive dames in distress, super awesome 1 liners. who could ask for anything more! Much Obliged.
  2. wow, his girlfriend was in an episode of star trek with captain kirk william shatner!
  3. a beautiful morgan fairchild before al the plastic surgery.
  4. hi cybergirl would you be able to add it in mixdrop?
  5. there's an amazing movie called, "a big hand for the little lady." starring a very well know amercian cast. heny fonda etc. can you upload? when you see it, you'll be amazed at the high quality western comedy. feels like a drama. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0060165/ i'm obliged to you.
  6. Hi All, I was looking at tweed jackets and was wondering how wonderful it would be if we all started wearing jackets again and came across the actor Sir Michael Caine. He really is an amazing actor and well dressed too. The movie, "Educating Rita," came up in my tweed jacket search. Can you upload. Never hear of it before, but saw the previews on youtube. As always thank you!
  7. hi there, here's another good movie. the dream kids always wanted. in france above all places! the movie is called a little romance. about 2 kids who like each other and then travels to make a dream come true. wished there was a sequel. it would've been amazing!
  8. another good one. into the night. it's supposed to be on blue ray. a great addition! thanks...steve
  9. the 2006 version of the last holday. a good xmas movie. still amazing after all this time. if you can upload. thank you very kindly steve
  10. Good Evening, I was wondering any luck on finding links to the bette davis movie. I wish they'd make it into a modern day movie. Thanks and have a great weekend!
  11. a beautiful movie with a very young bette davis. the man who came to dinner. could you put in mixdrop. i saw this on amc cable and loved it. didn't know bettie davis was so amazing! Thank you sirs!
  12. hi there, would you all be able to put up zootopia via mix drop? thank you kindly...steve
  13. Hi There, I hope everyone is doing well. Hoping for us all to get back to a new normal. This type of living is no longer enjoyable. Anyway, would you be able to reupload the back to the future series? Thank you Steve. A great family night out!
  14. found it! the name of the japanese romantic comedy movie made in 2017. saw it on the plane coming home from HK.