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  1. Look At Dennis Idly Explaining how the lion ate their CHILD CHILD
  2. SPY CAMERA (Say cheese! And make sure you wash your hands!)
  3. BATMAN! (since I'm shopping at the Batman gif store anyway and I dooooo love Batman!)
  4. LIKE A FILM (a soundtrack from a film that is *like* a film but not. Or so I am led to believe by the title)
  5. (I wish I hadn't been so shy at VeeHD. I was too timid to really join in the games there, and it's so fun!) Sorry rozalina! Your goose (or in this case chicken) is cooked! I'm winning!
  6. I'm easily confused. Best way to keep me occupied is to put me in a round room and tell me to stand in a corner. The GIF has me stumped. Is it Blues Brothers?
  7. Well, I know it's Monty Python, but which movie? Uhmmmm... And Now for Something Completely Different?
  8. Lucky Unicorns Can Kindly Yodel YAHOO