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  1. Thanks for bringing back Bruce Lee Cyber...
  2. I thought i already have this movie in my collection,to be sure(if not) will download now...in case, thanks for uploading this great oldie
  3. Have problems on both links, perhaps "openlink" added would be appreciated, thanks for the effort
  4. Just want to let you know, the Openload file is corrupted, movie stopped halfway, please reupload again, thanks for the effort
  5. Will be appreciated if anybody add an openlink, thank you for your effort
  6. Phantom88

    2012 (2009)

    Thanks Cyber, i have it on DVD, but i rather play the movie from the laptop connected with HDMI on big screen
  7. Openlink is dead, please replace link, thank you for your effort
  8. Openlink would be appropriated, thanks for the effort..