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  1. Thank you so much moviemasta you are awesome man
  2. Yes Dave that's it thank you and thanks for the heads up it's noted now I know how to show what I'm looking for via imdb
  3. Hey is it possible for anyone to get a copy of tmnt 2014 I would highly appreciated this is one of many requests thanks to all who can help
  4. Hey moviemasta if you or anyone can get tmnt 2014 movie on here I’d appreciated I try asking barry and cyber girl but they never responded
  5. Ok will do thanks and I think there's a lot of godzilla movies from the past
  6. I'm happy to be scrolling through the site and saw these requests and the links are still up is it possible when you get the chance to upload godzilla final wars and Tokyo S.O.S or just add all films if you can going back to the originals thanks in advance
  7. Please update the link on this bad boy definitely need to revisit this one
  8. Please update the link
  9. Can you please update the link on mixdrop
  10. Hey Barry can you please upload this but standard not 3d I want to watch this with my kids
  11. Thanks CG I'll be having a few laughs with my kids and friends later today
  12. Please update the link on this classic I forgot this was here
  13. Please update the link to this as well thanks not 3d
  14. Hey Barry can you please update the link on this and the 2014 one thank you