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  1. No Idea on that one @Chesterdog Could we have a clue or 2 lol ?
  2. 'Doctor Who' I think??? Have a crack at this one peeps
  3. Think that ones Annihilation @Chesterdog with Natalie Portman ? Try this one peeps
  4. Moment 31st August 1997 Diana Princess of Wales death ?
  5. Book I've mainly only read James Herbert, Dean R Koontz and Stephen King novels. I'm currently reading through Kings 'Dark Tower' series and on 'Song of Susannah' at the moment I'm going to say my favorite out of that series so far and it is.....
  6. Music Was brought up on Elvis and 60s music mainly. Very, very fond of 'The Kinks' so heres one of theres
  7. Ok. This looks interesting. Ill start with movie An American Werewolf In London Love the humour, Rick Bakers special effects, the soundtrack and Jenny Agutter
  8. @WhoLady Yes I know that song ?‍♂️?‍♂️ I believe it is called 'Breakfast At Tiffanys' Ill await confirmation though ?